“There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them.”

-Andre Gide

Here’s what our master plan consist of, to rip our ego masks off. Simple! But how are we going to do that if, Shaggy and Scooby(fear, if you didn’t read my last post, The Mask We All Wear), start shaking in their boots and running a muck? Leave it Velma to figure it out!

Fear (n): an unpleasant, often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger. We’ve all been told that those feelings of a tight chest, anxiousness, being jittery, knees weak, arms are sweaty, increased heart rate, etc, those are bad. Those mean that we shouldn’t do or say that particular thing. Well in some cases that might be true. But what if I told you that we’ve been looking at fear the wrong way this entire time! Lets flip the script real quick and grow a whole new paradigm! Enjoy the journey of growth we’re about to experience together.

First things first, we must find a way to overcome fear. So some how we have to find an antidote to give to Shaggy and Scooby, to alter their behavior. Let’s get looking for clues gang! *Ten minutes later* Oh! Look, I think I found the recipe for the antidote. Here, on page 555, the only ingredient is Action.

When you start to act, your fear starts a rampage, saying, “You’ll get judged”, “You’re not good enough, who are you kidding.”, “You’ll lose so many friends”, “What a stupid idea.”, “I can’t afford this.”. Which equals to abandoning the master plan. BUT! What if we have been interpreting fear all wrong this entire time?

“Think about an infant who wails in her crib or a dog who incessantly barks. They’re trying their best to communicate something, they just don’t have the language skills to articulate it. The same is true with fear. Fear communicates using the only tool she has: the ability to make you feel. When you sense her presence, she’s sounding a compassionate alarm. She’s doing her best to get you to pay attention. The subtle yet important distinction will help you put down your combat gear and, instead, meet your fear with open arms and a smile.” Marie Ferleo, -Everything’s Figuareoutable. GUYS IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THIS DAMN BOOK, PLEASE ADD IT TO YOUR BOOK LIST!

We all know how I love to get sciencie with it! Steven Hawking created, with the help of the theories of both Albert Einstein and Issac Newton, the Everything Theory. I won’t be going down my usual worm hole but in layman’s terms, the theory states that we are all made up of the same thing, vibrating at ever-changing frequencies. Now what if those emotions like fear and anxiety are just atoms and energy vibrating at different frequencies, and we’ve been taught to label them as ‘bad’.

BOOM! Paradigm change! I instantly flashed back to my High School cheerleading state competition in Boise, Idaho. We were standing in the corridor getting ready to go on, we had 2 minutes and 30 seconds to deliver a perfect routine full of tumbling, stunting, dance, and cheer. Talk about CARDIO! What I felt at the time was fear, I was shaky, yet I was energized and jittery, sweaty, nervous, all signs of what everyone called fear. But now, years later I know different, at that moment I see now that my inner self was hyped and excited ready to go, my guiding fear was saying, “Hey you guys got this, you’ve been training for this, trust me, I got you.”. I wish I would have known how to listen.

“and then I get a tight feeling in the pit of my stomach that starts to spin round and round… When I get all those feelings, I know I’m excited, pumped up and ready to go onstage.

-Bruce Springsteen

Now the tricky part, deciphering between your ‘guiding’ fear and your intuition, the fear that tells you, NO not a good idea. My favorite advice from Marie Ferleo, listen to your body when you ask yourself, “Does saying yes to this make me fell expansive or contracted?”. I practice this all the time, I ask myself, “Do I really want to go to school?”, and I get a flutter feeling, and when I think about not going to school and just working instead, I get a heavy weight on my chest. Notice the feelings, even the slightest, when you ask yourself these questions, “Is this the person I really want to be?”, “Do I really want to change?”. Feel and listen to your body, it’s giving you the answers. It’s all about practice, because, “you know how you get into Carnegie Hall, don’t ya?”

“Failure is just an event. It is not a characteristic. People can’t be failures.”

-Judge Pratt

With practice comes failure but my mantra is, I win or I learn, but I never lose. That was a HUGE paradigm shift for me personally. I’m not cocky it’s just my perspective. I never fail in any situation, I may FAIL, with a Faithful Attempt In Learning, but I never lose. Losing is choosing not to act on or embrace opportunities that help you to fulfill your goals.

With our master plan in action, Velma at the helm ready to act when any mishaps arise and Scooby and Shaggy encouraging you to act, it’s now time to start pulling at that mask. It’s not going to be easy, heck no! It’ll be the hardest and scariest thing you’ve ever done, it’ll take time, always remember progress not perfection. Just think of the movie, The Mask, the longer he kept the mask on, the harder it was to get off.

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