Your Vision of Abundance

I am a huge supporter in understanding how to live an abundant life style. For those of you that don’t study Taoism and spiritual awakening, let me explain. I’d like to start with a question, what do you think living abundantly entails? What appeals to you? Fancy cars, extravagant houses, having a gaggle of ‘friends’? Now lets strip away all those superficial possessions, take away the money, the clothes, the cars, ect. and ask yourself are you still truly happy? I mean deep down happy, with no attachments to the past, no feelings of regret about those past decisions, being deeply intone with the world that’s happening in the present. I asked myself those exact same questions and I’m not afraid to say, that at the beginning, all those answers were no. That was the moment I made the choice to better myself internally and truly make myself happy. Something I hope to spark in at least one reader today.

“Always without desire we must be found, If its deep mystery we would sound; But if desire always within us be, its outer fringe is all that we shall see.”

Tao Tzu, “Tao Te Ching”

I started my journey before I even realized. It started when my previous love affair came home and said that he was going to start practicing buddhism. I looked at him like he was crazy! Years later, I am now living with a mix of beliefs, from Taoism to Buddhism. I became extremely intrigued about Taoism. I searched for every book, every article and podcast there was. During my research I found the great book, “Tao Te Ching”, by Lao Tzu. With its enchanting metaphors and extravagant, yet simple steps to unlocking abundance I was hooked. Also, I would like to state, that I struggled immensely with reading this at first and trying to grasp the concept that he was trying deliver. After weeks and weeks of studying, deciphering the lessons and challenging everything I was taught, I started to truly understand. We allow ourselves to be consumed by a world that we can’t see clearly. If we cease to look at the world for what we fear or what we hope for, then we can really see what it is. Its true nature which is the way, the Tao. That true abundance comes from accepting yourself for who you truly are and approaching life with an open and clear mind.

It was a warm summer day, at the time I was looking for books to read after my brain surgery that was happening in the next month. I searched for multiple books stores around the area and one that stood out was an old used bookstore in Pullman Washington called, Bruised Books. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I went in with a whole list of different books that I was going to get, but the universe had other plans. It just so happened, as soon as I entered the store I lost cell phone reception. I hadn’t listed any of the books in my notes or in my screenshots, so in typical Brittany fashion, I winged it, lived in the present and started meandering around. The bookshelves were overflowing and each book had its own unique story of how it got there. As I was browsing around, something drew my attention to section of books labels spiritual awakening. The isle had books piled and piled on top of each other that rested the floors, it was quite overwhelming at first trying. As I was picking though the controlled chaos something caught my attention. The spine of the book had Tao in big black font, followed by the word abundance. This definitely wasn’t on my list of books but something led me to pick it up. The books was called, “The Tao of Abundance, Eight Ancient principles for abundant living”, By Laurence G. Boldt. That was the best $6.00 I ever spent.

“The Philosophy of the East, although so vastly different from ours, could be an inestimable treasure to run too; but in order for us to posses it we must first earn it.”

Carl Jung

Right off the bat the first chapter challenged myself to separate from my ego, get a little taste of who I truly was and how to make myself internally happy. It also gave me a better understanding and guidance on how to strip away that ego by understanding my own definition of living in abundance. I thought it was about living with lavish cars, houses, being liked by millions of people and created a persona that truly wasn’t me. Below is the first exercise after chapter one, The Unity Of Tao. It challenges you to describe what your meaning of living in abundance truly means to you after absorbing the knowledge presented in this chapter. Here is what I wrote on my own personal belief on living abundantly:

Abundance, as many would define, along with myself, if asked about a year ago is, “to ensure and obtain, you (as in ‘myself’) will have enough food, property and money for the rest of your (‘my’) life.” Now, when I ask myself, I answer with an array of questions. What drives me? Makes me happy? Allows my soul to shine, along with others to shine as well? What will have the greatest value on the universe and the beings living inside it, with minimal adverse ‘side effects’? Please indulge in the rabbit hole in which we are about to travel down together. As many of my prior superiors and my own mother would agree with me in saying, I’m harder on myself than any other person could ever be. The most catastrophic event would be me disappointing and separating myself from my true potential. So, how does one figure out ones ‘true’ potential? One would have better luck in explaining the origin of how our brain creates our individual consciousness. For now, as cliché as it is to say, you’ll know when you know. Everyone’s experienced the feeling you receive when you indulge in a bowl full of your favorite ice-cream or your favorite sweet treat. Now what about the feeling you get when you help someone or something in need without having and expectation of any type of reimbursement? That’s my sweet treat. That’s what living in abundance means to me. Being able to over fill my cup and letting the sweet vibrations of true kindness and the purest of intentions expand over into a world filled with insurmountable amounts of discontent.

Now, I challenge you! I challenge you to think about what abundant living truly means to you. Wether it’s helping at the animal shelter, calling an old friend to see how they’re doing, holding the door open for someone, or even forgiving that person who wronged you in the past. I challenge you to dig deeper than the surface, dig deeper than you ever have before, into uncharted territories of the mind and soul. If you are having anxiety and “uncontrollable” feeling of being alone, that’s normal. You must disconnect from the world to find your true self.

With love, Brittany M Welch

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